Author Topic: Photoshop - pen & touch not working - fixed  (Read 1405 times)


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Re: Photoshop - pen & touch not working - fixed
« on: June 18, 2017, 01:08:31 pm »
I have a similar issue but the fix is not working for me.  :'(

I have used these tools for ZBrush mainly and it's been good until recently getting the latest windows update.

I have the Surface book and recently updated to the Windows 10 Creative update with ZBrush 4r8 installed.

Here's my issue:

What's happening with me is that the some of the 'hold' buttons intermittently do not respond to touching unless I keep my pen hovering over the surface while sculpting.

I found a small workaround: using the pen, press on the non-working buttons a few times and the buttons "wake up". Then, without lifting my pen away from the surface, I am able to use the buttons normally. Right now, I can work with SHIFT and ALT keys. Things go weird when I lift my pen away from the screen and bring my pen back to the surface.

So, I am able to keep the buttons working ONLY if I have the pen hovering on the surface of the screen FIRST. If I press and hold any buttons first before bringing my pen to hover over the screen, the buttons stop working again and I have to "wake" them up with a pen touch again.

But, despite the workaround, regardless of hovering pen first, CTRL will stubbornly not work until I "wake" the button up with my pen all the time.

So, I've tried to use the fix as mentioned by turning on "Ignore touch input when I'm using my pen".

I am able to get the buttons to respond. However, when holding any key, ZBrush will not alter sculpt behavior (based on pressed key) when drawing with the pen. I went ahead and turned it off and used the above workaround to get it to work the way it should to some degree. Waking up the buttons with my pen is very annoying though.

I made sure I have the latest version of TabletPro. Also made sure the checkbox for "Allow simultaneous operation of pen and touch (HID)" is checkmarked.

Maybe there's another setting I am not aware of?  ???