Author Topic: SP3 4gig I5 128ssd - TabletPC beta 36 (2.0)  (Read 374 times)


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Re: SP3 4gig I5 128ssd - TabletPC beta 36 (2.0)
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:48:40 pm »
Hi Sean,

Really happy that you're enjoying the software so much. I have to say I'm probably in exactly the same place. It is SO SO close to working perfectly. But not quite there. I've come to adjust to doing a double pen tap while switching and I've avoided those little pen nicks I used to leave on the screen.

Getting it to the stage where it immediately switches is the goal. There is a chance that there is nothing that we can do after a certain point. However, we don't know when that point is going to be reached so we are going to keep shooting for perfect.