Author Topic: Layout File submission suggestions  (Read 567 times)


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Layout File submission suggestions
« on: September 03, 2015, 11:08:25 am »
What I would suggest doing, since most layouts can be highly customized to specific personal hotkeys, is if possible, include a video link to you using the layout. This is good for a number of reasons.

1. promotes your art
2. promotes Tablet Pro (if you're tagging your videos please include "tablet pro", "pro artist tools", "speedpainting tools" and the name of the software your layout is for)
3. helps people understand a new way to work
4. clarifies how the hotkeys are setup.

make the video grungy, grimy, gritty, girlie, gross, or even with excess fan noise. The purpose is to help the community so any video is better than no video.

That said, any ini file you want to share (layout file) is going to benefit us as well. So a short written description is also helpful and encouraged.

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