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How do I???? / Artist Mode at the bottom of screen in portrait
« Last post by Hawkswift on March 20, 2018, 06:45:05 am »
Is there any way to do this? Or fake it by using Bottom mode but set modifier keys like Alt not to toggle?
Hi guys, I need your help...

I am looking for a new tablet pc for me to have so that I can work on the go. I bought a surface pro 2017 i7 256gb 8gb ram 2 weeks ago, I thought this was the answer to my problems. Before I bought this I was thinking about either having this or the wacom mobile studio pro 13" i7.

I've researched online for reviews of the surface pro and most always have positive reviews, they have pen jitters here and there, but its minor that you can just erase and do it again. there were reviews that seem to make the drawing look flawless and accurate. One review said it just takes time to get used to...

I was still leaning towards buying a wacom though as I have already trusted the company ever since I became a professional, but then we saw a huge sale from a local store selling the surface pro that I have now for 2078.00 NZD from 2466.00 NZD. this made me really jump on it rather than the Wacom MSP. I was eyeing the i7 13" for 3444.00 NZD. I thought the price is just too big of a gap, I am willing to take that "time to get used to" for an almost 1500 nzd price difference. I bought the pen and the keyboard with the surface and... this was an up and down battle until I called it quits from today...

I started having those jittering problems and accuracy from the get go. I use photoshop CC 2018 for almost all my paintings and artwork. I am an inker, so I take line art very seriously. reviews said seldom but I am not happy with my lines at all. I am ok with slight imperfections but I found 8 out of 10 times I stroke its bad. Now I am researching why I am having this jittering and apparent parallaxing. i thought it just needs updates and drivers but no... I stumbled upon tablet pro and believed this would help me immensely as I needed all the shortcuts I can for work, but the problem still persists. I can just undo my lines much faster. I found a thread in the microsoft support site about this... using a glove helps but not always works:

I can't believe, from the beginning of production of Surface pro 2017 its already a problem until now. I don't know if it is an electrical problem due to the palm rejection or the tilt function of the pen. The life of the surface pro is nearing a year old now and I don't think they are treating this seriously or just have no answers no matter what they try. If a new user raises up this problem at the support site, it is like they are hearing this for the first time.

breakdown of what I did for the Surface Pro:
-updated Windows to Fall update (no improvement)
-updated surface driver (no improvement)
-calibrated pen (I did this more times I can count and the best setting was the original the surface came with... I think they know about the parallaxing and thought to re-align the cursor behind the pen then once the pen touches the screen it jumps to the tip. )
-installed Tablet Pro (helped undo my "mistakes")
-installed intel gfx card driver specifically for Surface (improved my power management)
-bought the nib set (no improvement)
-used gloves to not touch the screen (improved drawing but still jittering... just not as wild as before.)
-paired the pen in bluetooth (improved the accuracy a lot but not the solution. I don't trust NTRIG)

Now i just give up... I'm wasting more time fixing this than working... I am returning all the stuff I bought soon and looking at other alternatives... shame really... I still want to hear if there are any SP2017 users out there that maybe isn't having this problem...

I am still thinking of buying a Wacom MSP but I might just get the i5  128gb priced at around 2950.00NZD but it really stings my pocket. I hope you guys can suggest some good ones that won't break my bank.

Sorry for the long rant. hopefully it helps SP users and artists who plans to buy.

Thanks and hope to hear from you guys.

UPDATE: I am using a trial of Lazy Nezumi and right now its doing well for my line art. It just doesn't feel natural sometimes. does anybody have some tips for this?
How do I???? / Zbrush how to
« Last post by smokechaser10 on February 27, 2018, 06:30:10 pm »
Is there a way to set a button to give you a brush. Like "b+c+t (clay tubes)...
How do I???? / New user of Tabletpro
« Last post by lory7 on February 25, 2018, 12:09:50 pm »

I have downloaded and installed Tabletpro on my Dell XPS13 2in1.  I'd like to start by using an artist's pad for photoshop that is set up by someone else.  Can you help me to understand how to import a layout from either this forum or the community assets?  I can download an .ini file (seems to be a text file) but don't know what to do with it!  Also, can someone explain what the .kys files are?

Alternately........  If you have advice on how to get started with the artist's pad for photoshop that would let me get started without learning all of these details, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you for answering a newbie's question!

Bugs / mouse pointer disappears on click
« Last post by jakobheitz on February 12, 2018, 11:25:21 pm »
when I click anywhere, the pointer disappears. Clicking again doesn't bring it back. I have to move the pointer to make it reappear.
How do I???? / triple click
« Last post by jakobheitz on February 12, 2018, 11:12:28 pm »
Using surface book with windows 10, using VNC to a Linux machine. This application allows a triple click to select a line of text. This works with the mouse and touchpad. However, when using tabletpro, it only registers a double click. How do I get a triple click?
How do I???? / Re: Pen and touch don't work at the same time
« Last post by antonbrek on February 10, 2018, 01:48:20 pm »
I have a surface pro 2017 and I am experiencing the same issue. seems like the forums have been abandoned by Justice, since there is not a single one of them with a reply on the topic. currently on the trial version, if i cant find a fix in a week I probably wont purchase the software.
How do I???? / I dont want the touch pad, but want to keep the gestures.
« Last post by clillis on February 06, 2018, 10:37:32 pm »
I just want to use my surface book as normal I just want the added features of changing volume, pinch functions etc. Is this possible? It seems you have to have the virtual trackpad on.

If its not possible maybe future update?
General Discussion / Re: ACER Switch Alpha 12 - Working
« Last post by MKB on February 04, 2018, 10:34:13 am »
Alpha 12 user here too, I downloaded tabletpro as well.
When using tabletpro, the touchscreen would not detect my finger until a second after I lift the pen off the screen.
I did this outside my art application and outside of tabletpro and I still experience the issue.
Did you encounter this problem as well?
How do I???? / Re: Add simple "." and "," in Artist Pad
« Last post by widget on January 10, 2018, 03:17:25 pm »
The dropdown for the Artist Pad has them in my version, near the bottom of the list.  They are shown as ",<" and ".>".  In the generated INI preset file they show as VK_OEM_PERIOD and VK_OEM_COMMA.
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