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Bugs / Re: Buttons not staying depressed in layout mode of beta 23
« on: December 08, 2015, 01:26:34 am »
Hi Justice,
The buttons are pretty buggy to me or I'm not using it right.

Right now when I press certain buttons, it stays depressed when my finger is off it.
I want to be able to hold it down if I wanted to stay depressed.  It works sometimes, and sometimes it don't work.
I'm testing this mainly on Zbrush.

One of the most important key for me is the Alt key, its the main way to navigate and zoom and when I press alt, it stays stuck there and I can't get use to it.  Anyway to turn that off?

How do I???? / How do I set up the onscreen buttons?
« on: December 05, 2015, 02:32:54 am »
So.....I bought the Pro version and it  kind of pushed everything to one side of the screen.
When I tried to uninstall, move everything back, restart, it went back to the side again.  Now my radial menu   has to be re adjusted everything i log on.  :(

So far I only see the mouse on screen? Not sure if I would wanna use a mouse on screen when I already have touch screen.

My main problem.  How do I even use the keyboard touch screen?  I  cant find it anywhere in the program.  All I see are mouse settings.

Feature Requests / Re: My layout using RadialMenu
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:15:21 pm »
You are very welcome!  I do hope all those features come eventually.  I don't expect it anytime soon, but I hope you get it out because I do like how  its turning out so far. It feels more organized which I like.

There's another method to adding tactile feel that i've researched recently. SteelSeries make these onscreen Capacitive buttons you can buy for 20 dollars.  I plan on getting it to p lace it where the shift, CTRL, ALT button is.  That way, when you move your hand back, the buttons will place your fingers in the proper spot for memorization.  Just like the F and J button on the keyboard.

The vibration will be a very very appreciated feature for me.  For battery drain issue, just have an option to turn it off.  I honestly don't think the feature is built into the Surface Book regardless, but its a cool idea.   What it does have is sound when you're using the keyboard.  Which actually almost simulate that vibration for me. It lets me know im clicking.

As for your swipe idea, I kind of have an idea of what you're saying.  I think I did that on the Radial Menu.  You click the button, the slider appears under the pen and you swipe it.
It works well and its how i always worked in zbrush before to bring up draw size, focus, and Z intensity.
Sometimes i think about  how nice it would to have that slider.  THen......I was able to do that in Radial Menu which felt nice.

But other than that, I'm not entirely sure if that is exactly what you meant? If not, make a video of it ! :)

Feature Requests / Re: My layout using RadialMenu
« on: November 19, 2015, 02:17:59 am »
By the way, I am using a Surface Book if it matters at all.  I don't see a section for that.

Feature Requests / My layout using RadialMenu
« on: November 19, 2015, 02:15:48 am »
I started using RadialMenu a few weeks ago and it took me awhile to figure how to set things up but the interface was a bit annoying and took me awhile to customize everything to my liking.  Even then, there are still a lot of stuff  I didn't enjoy about it that I won't go into details.

1.A must have feature for me is to be able to assign custom colors, write  labels and create custom PNG.  I like to color code groups of similar functions so that I can find the buttons much easier when I glance.  I'm attaching a screen shot of what I made with RadialMenu.

2.A very cool feature it has that I absolutely love is that you can assign custom pads to each program.
For example:
I made a custom panel for Zbrush, when I open up Zbrush, that pad I made for it will  pop up. When I minimize it, the desktop pad will appear and then when I maximize zbrush again, the zbrush  panel will appear.  So if I made one for photoshop, it would do the same.  All I had to do was assign each custom panel to whatever software I want to use it for and it autoloads for me.  Does   Tablet Pro have this feature?

3. Capacitive feel to each button. If that is not possible, then how about sound for each button I press? Just  clicking sounds, that way we can somewhat get tactile feel for each press.

4. A very cool feature to have is some kind of finger swipe slider.  In the panel I did, if you notice I have a plus and minus button for Drawing. Instead of having 2 buttons for that, it would be nice if I can make a slider bar.  TO increase size, all I'd have to do is swipe back and fourth to get the size.  I feel like that would make the work flow faster. Radial Menu has that feature, but it was buggy or I didn't know how to set it up properly.

5. Docking.  I want to be able to set exactly where my panel will be and then LOCK it.  This is something that bothered me a ton in Radial Menu.  I would dock it left, but my whole screen will get pulled to the right and I'd lose visibilty of any sort of icons on my desktop because it would be off screen.
When i don't dock it, the  panel always changed place or it will be moved accidently and I'd have to relocate it.  To me this is a huge issue because I work better by memorizing motion and  location of my hands, especially when there  is no tactile feel, it feels like an important thing to have.
That is all I can think of for now and actually are stuff I really want. Let me know what features you have or will have. I do plan on getting this software!  Its a must have for me.

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