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How do I???? / Re: How do I Change the Shortcuts in the Quick Panel?
« on: March 17, 2016, 12:04:47 am »

But that doesn't go directly to the Side (Right) mode, which I've customized to my liking and is the mode I want to quickly switch to...

Hi Justice,

As a former TouchMe Gesture Studio user, I liked having the additional set of tip-tap gestures to assign to whatever I want. At this moment, I've managed to exhaust Tablet Pro's available gestures, and I'm still looking to add the tip-tap configurations from TouchMe Gesture Studio.

Could you kindly implement this remaining set of gestures whenever you have the time?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Justice,

As a former TouchMe Gesture Studio user, I really liked the fact that I didn't need to remember to turn on/off any particular switches to perform gesture tasks that didn't require the precision of a mouse. Like the following
  • Two finger swipe-up brings up Touch Keyboard
  • Three finger rotation clockwise/counter-clockwise controls brightness
  • Three finger swipe left/right over ANY window, grabs that window and allows me to move it as I want
  • Three finger swipe up runs a hotkey command for auto-sizing my application windows using a program called "Autosizer"

In the case of Tablet Pro, I would use it for somewhat similar gestures, but it could also serve as having the quick panel toggles ANYWHERE onscreen instead of just being restricted to one area. I could assign:
  • Four finger swipe left in this "Off Mode" to be a toggle for the Side (Right) mode
  • Four finger swipe right to be a toggle for the Artist pad
  • Four finger pinch-out to be a toggle for the Fullscreen mode
  • Four finger swipe up to be a toggle for the gamepad mode
  • etc.

Alternatively, if Tablet Pro had the option to activate it's modes via hotkeys, I could assign them to a Gesture in TouchMe Gesture Studio. However, the problem arises in avoiding interference between the two awesome applications. I think Tablet Pro having it's very own "Off Mode" gestures would be more efficient.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for making Tablet Pro truly awesome.

Feature Requests / Re: Quick panel
« on: March 08, 2016, 01:06:07 pm »
I use it when reading/proof-reading PDFs/Documents/Web pages (although I could probably assign those hotkeys to a gesture for the full-screen touchpad), or browsing in a non touch friendly browser like Chrome. It's fully made use of specifically in google Chrome.

How do I???? / Re: How do I Change the Shortcuts in the Quick Panel?
« on: March 08, 2016, 04:27:25 am »
Good walk-around for now, also works with touch initiation; Swipe Down to Show Quick Panel > Tap and hold on Quick Panel for context menu > Select Side (Right).

Looking forward to being able to customize the quick panel  :)

Feature Requests / Re: Quick panel
« on: March 08, 2016, 04:19:44 am »
Hi Raaomoka,

Got the note. I'd love to see more of your layout setup. very interesting to me. Any chance you could post a few images or share more about your workflow? via email with me would be great, here on the forums also great.


Sure, I've thus far, just customized the Side (Right) layout to my liking. Here's a screen clip with more details (note, TA = TextAloud).

Regarding suggestion indicated in the picture, what I mean is for example, when you tap-tap-drag on the Surface Type cover, if you get to the edge of the trackpad before reaching where you want to drop the object, it automatically continues in the direction you were moving the object. That's my suggestion for both the scroll bars and the virtual touchpad.

Hi Justice,

Glad to hear there's a whole lot more features on the way. This app just keeps getting better  :)

Hey guys,

At the moment, Tablet Pro doesn't even have any way of checking for updates to the desktop components, and updating the store app obviously doesn't update the desktop components. The Desktop components should have the option to self update, or better yet, since the Desktop components are pretty small, your Windows Store app package could simply come with them. That way, when the user attempts to use either of the Desktop components, the component could always first check if the package in the directory of the Windows Store app matches or is older than the current version. If not, then for the first time after updating the Windows Store package, the component could show a notification stating there are updated desktop components, giving the user to update now, so, it automates installation and just shows prompt to sign out after installing both components seamlessly.

That's the way the desktop components should be as they keep getting improved.

Feature Requests / Re: Quick panel
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:59:09 am »
I really like this feature, but I think it can be made more ideal by implementing support for the following:

- Ability to have the quick panel at different locations based on the orientation of the device. At the moment, it just stays the exact same coordinates regardless of orientation, and this can be irritating, especially with the default setup when in portrait mode; it's not reachable.

- Similar to the Taskbar, ability to have quick panel at the top or bottom edges of the screen (left and right are obviously reserved for Task View and Action Center). At the moment, it's only usable at the top, having to always reach for the top is inconvenient. Just like everyone else, my hand holds the Tablet at the bottom, so, it's more convenient to have the quick panel accessible at the bottom. My Taskbar, I prefer it at the top and it auto-hides, so, no, it wouldn't be obstructing the quick panel.

- As I described in this post, there should be options to customize and assign whatever custom layout I want to the quick panel, for example I want a quick panel option for the "Side (right)" mode, which I customized to my liking.

Thanks in advance, hope you actually read these forum suggestion posts...

How do I???? / How do I Change the Shortcuts in the Quick Panel?
« on: February 18, 2016, 02:04:36 pm »
Hey guys,

Been really loving the idea behind Tablet Pro on my Surface Pro 2, really great potential for simplifying the use of Windows Tablets with advanced Desktop Class applications. However, I think there's still some room for improvement to make it more ideal.

One simple improvement I'd love to see the ability to select custom layouts to be shortcuts in the quick panel. At the moment, I  can't quickly enable the Side (Right) layout, which I customized to my liking. Or is there something I'm missing that can already achieve this  ???

Thanks in advance.

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