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Bugs / Re: Buttons not staying depressed in layout mode of beta 23
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:20:35 pm »

The cause seems to be the 'improved' palm rejection introduced in Windows 10.

In Windows 8.1 palm rejection is simple: as far as you are hovering the pen over the screen, no touch is taken anywhere in the screen.

In Windows 10, if you set pen to RIGHT Handed, palm rejection ignores any touch made at the RIGHT of the tip of the pen (where your hand is suppossed to be) and the opposite happens when you set windows to LEFT Handed writing.

But you can still touch the screen with your finger on the opposite side! That means the user is able to click, drag and touch with his left hand even when the pen is over the screen and the right hand touches it.

So... I don't know what kind of black magic are (were?) you using to bypass Palm Rejection, but from what I can see, Windows 10 DOES ACCEPT touch and pen at the same time, as far as the touch is on the opposite side  of your writing hand! Things might even become easier now.

EDIT: Sorry I was over enthusiastic. It won't be easier - as Windows 10 accepts touch on the opposite side than my writing hand, it does read the touch over the Artist Pad region and it causes loss of focus under the tip of the pen, that is the problem and that is also why you can't hold down the buttons, because when the Pen takes focus, the touch on the left side is lost. It is out of Tabletpro's control.
This even makes the Artist Pad to accept multitouch! something that TabletPro doesn't allow - holding two buttons.

If I set windows to Left Handed, Artist pad works, but palm rejection doesn't work correctly, because my right hand is on the screen.

And so there comes one more reason I don't like Windows 10  on the Surfaces.

Bugs / Re: Buttons not staying depressed in layout mode of beta 23
« on: January 28, 2016, 07:12:23 pm »

Hi Mario,

Would you give something a try for me. I recently had another user point out something to me. If you search "pen settings" in the search bar (cortana) and switch the setting from left to right (or vise versa) this can have a really positive impact on the consistency of some of these issues.


Hi everyone!
I have some information to share on this matter.
(Actually I was breaking my head but now that I read your question things I made some tests and some things became clear)

I have 2 Surface Pros (1st version. Short story: one of them has a defective usb port and I ended up with two.)
One of them runs Windows 8.1, which I like a lot, the other one runs Windows 10.

 * Set to Right-Handed writing:

- When Artist Pad is on LEFT side if the screen, shift/ctrl/alt buttons don't work exactly as expected.
When hovering the pen over the screen, pressing SHIFT or any button makes cursor (the typical dot) to dissappear for a second, then an arrow cursor will show up. The first CLICK will be lost - for instance, if I select an item on a folder, then press SHIFT or CTRL and select another item, I would expect adding the new items to the selection. INstead, the selection gets cleared.

-When Artist Pad is on RIGHT, everything works fine. That is: the 'dot' is always on the screen, and when you press a button, it stays there and the 'SHIFT' or 'CTRL' tooltip shows up below. No selection is lost.

- This changes according to the Left/Right Handed selection, that is, if Windows is set to LEFT HANDED and the Artist Pad  is on the LEFT, it works fine.

ON SURFACE PRO/ WIN 8.1: Everything works right (although installed version there is TabletPro (beta 49).

General Discussion / Thank you!
« on: January 28, 2016, 06:10:59 pm »

I recently got to know TabletPro. You guys have done an amazing job on putting together all these tools. Thank you very much.

I happen to have two Surface Pros (1st version), one with Windows 10 and the other with Windows 8.1 so I am trying the software in both of them.
There's a slight difference between the two, in the way they  work with the Artist Pad.  It has to do with the Shift/Ctrl toggle. But it's a little complex and I'll try to describe this behavior better in another thread.

I do have a question: Is it possible to download previous releases?  Currently I would like to find version

Keep up the good work and thank you again!


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