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Install questions / Re: Duet plus Tablet Pro plus Artistpad
« on: February 15, 2020, 04:36:32 am »
Did you resolve this? I have the same problems.

best reg


I work with Windows 10 and the Duet app so I have a dual screen and I can draw on the Ipad in Windows apps like Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop etc. Windows recognizes the Ipad pencil and goes into tablet mode. It works great.
Now I purchased the Tablet Pro app so I can have the touch interface for the left hand to assist. But I can only access the buttons of the artist panel with the pen and not with the fingers. What setting is needed to get this right?

I have the same problem if I turn Tablet Pro into full screen mode on screen 2 (Ipad Pro) It doesnt work then brushing on screen 1. Windows and Tablet Pro seem to counter act on each other.

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