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General Discussion / Re: Artist pad, buttons not behaving as expected
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:30:23 am »
I have problems with the buttons locking up ALL THE TIME, too.
Especially the alt-key is annoying but it simply locks up (if you pay attention to how it behaves when it is not working is simply that it doesn't register being pressed at all, simple as that)
In my opinion it is just programmed lously because if you have 2 buttons for the same function ( ALT-key for example) when the first button stops working the second one would still work.
So it has nothing to do with the system or hardware or anything else just that the program itself blocks the button from working correctly (does not register being pressed).
reloading the artistPad helps here, too. So i put a button for reloading it on the artistPad, unfortunately that button locks up from time to time, too. And so that still does not really help.
TabletPro tho actually nice is like it is now just annyoing to work with and i can not recommend anyone to buy it like that.
Especially when you consider that the devs haven't posted anything in this forum for months now.
For me it is useless like that. Every time i try it again i give up frustrated.

I wonder is there anyone out there for whom the buttons never lock up?
I have an lenovo yoga 730, and it happens all the time.
I can't work for a minute without being interrupted by non-working buttons.

How do i get a refund for the artistPad i bought yesterday? because it is too buggy for actually using it, the buttons choke all the time. I just bought the programm because in the list (where it compares all the features) it stated that the artistPad would allow for rapid button use (which i suspected to be the culprit why it chokes all the time) but buying it did not help. I can't recommend a product that is that kind of buggy, it is horribly frustrating, tho without those bugs it would be really a nice tool.
It is not a hardware/ system problem as most other buttons (with the same mechanic) still work. for example that "alt" button i created stops working after a while while the alt+shift button and others still work. so i can't imagine it is a bug outside of the program itself. i need to toggle the artistPad then on/off to make it work again or 
otherwise to make it work again i can hit buttons wildly and maybe lift the pen from the screen ( but not really with a specific strategy) and it would work for some clicks again. But all in all it really looks like a bug in tabletPro itself as most other buttons still work, and if it would be an external problem i would think that none of the buttons (that use the same mechanic) should work.

Anyway this forum has no comments from the devs for month now (as far as i saw), which looks like the product is discontinued.

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