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1. I've looked through the Artist Pad button options in the Tablet Pro Manager: Layout Editor, and I was able to add a function to one of the touch buttons on my Artist Pad to change from Large Artist Pad, to medium, to small, but, there are no single button options to change to completely new specified Layout. I did find an option in the Tablet Pro Settings for the Float/Side mode to use a finger(s) gesture to swap layouts but I'd rather just have a single button to press to change from one layout to another

2.(Bonus) Nor is there an option to make a custom size ArtistPad to make the Large Artist Pad larger, or the medium size larger without switching to a different Pad. What if I want 3 Large Pads for a single layout? (For Example)

3. (Bonus Bonus) The only way to switch to Float/Side is by opening the menu and choosing from the list, rather than a single button on the Pad...

I think that about covers it... :-\

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