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General Discussion / HP Spectre X360 15" Not Working
« on: January 01, 2018, 02:57:21 pm »
Hi All,

Just wanted to throw this out there to anyone having issues with the late 2017 refresh of the HP Spectre X360 15", it is working.  This is the model I'm talking about:

It won't accept touch and input at the same time.  I've tried every trouble shooting tip available on this website and the web at large.  I've tried two different pens, the Bamboo Ink and the new Surface Pen, both are the same.  As soon as the screen registers the pen approaching and the second the pen cursor pops on the screen, it disables any touch input to Tablet Pro.  I have left hand selected, have the option in pen settings to not allow touch and pen input.

I have a support email in and will report back if this gets fixed.  Good thing is they have these on display at Best Buy not behind admin rights, so should be easy to check out if the developer is interested in hijacking one for a couple minutes  :) 

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