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How do I???? / Re: pls help
« on: July 02, 2017, 01:17:29 am »
Well I believe I have found the answer for no 2.
I have to used real mouse to edit the layout of gamepad.
But with thereís no way to add or resize the buttons, or change the shape, the gamepad doesnt really looked interesting

So, Iíll wait for the answer for no 1.
Hopefully thereís a way to display the buttons for full screen mouse on fullscreen display of a game like grim dawn or diablo 3

I think the trial convinced me to buy. I'll be mainly using this to play game on my surface pro 3 I5 128GB
using v2050 tabletpro
just 2 things that needs confirmed :
1. I tried the full screen (and customized the layout according to my needs). it's so cool. 1 problem is that I tried this to play diablo 3 and grim dawn. And while all the buttons still working, I can't make it visible if the game is set to full screen. But if I set the game to windowed mode (the button is visible), but the game would lag a lot, so I need it to be working on fullscreen and needs the button to still visible (like gestureworks, too bad gestureworks not working good). anyway to make the button visible when I used fullscreen virtual mouse, and set fullscreen display setting on game ?
2. why on my tablet I can't edit the layout of the gamepad ? I mean I can't move any of the button. They all just automatically used and stay still on my surface pro 3 (I can show/hide the buttons from setting, but I need to drag the buttons for the layout that I want). But when I tried it on my pc (v2048), I could move the layout of all buttons easily.
maybe I should attach real mouse to my sp3 so that I can edit and move the buttons ? or maybe because I used v2048 on my pc ? I need to work now so I couldnt try, but still wondering.

pls help.

Surface Pro 3 - Confirmed / SP3 W10 I5 128GB v2050
« on: July 01, 2017, 10:09:17 pm »
this working great.
just need help with few things
I have posted on the "How do I ???" section

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