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General Discussion / Artist pad space + ctrl button combination
« on: November 15, 2016, 07:18:30 am »

I was trying to setup artist pad for krita on surface pro 4. I know there is a preset in krita for the default artist pad layout, but that layout sucks for my workflow so I decided I'd make my own. It seems simple enough but I ran into problems when setting up zoom and rotate buttons. With the default krita setup zoom is space + ctrl and rotate is space + shift. These combinations don't seem to work.

Well it's not really much of a problem as the keys can be changed to whatever I want. But is this problem only with space + anykey or is there other combinations that are not working?
I would rather not like to start shooting in the dark but get a list of problematic button combinations if there are some. Or am I missing some other crucial info on this?

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