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General Discussion / Artist pad, buttons not behaving as expected
« on: September 07, 2018, 02:23:30 am »
I'm looking to use tablet pro mainly for photoshop so when I load the default photoshop CC setting, I notice some of the buttons don't work as the shortcuts are not matching.
For example the "Brushes" and "Color" button are mapped to F3 and F6 but the default photoshop shortcuts aren't configured for that. It's easy to just add those shortcuts to PS so that's not a big issue.

The bigger issue is that when I try to configure the artist pad buttons. For example I want to map smaller and larger brush shortcuts to a button. That is the [ and ] key however when I configure them in the layout editor, the key is ([ which sends ( t o PS instead of [. Using Shift+([ doesn't work in PS.
I know I can use the default frame where I can drag to change the size but I rather have the control of larger and smaller brush

Another thing that doesn't seem to work properly is the Alt key for the eye dropper. I can't seem to make it behave in a consistent way. When I press the Alt button on the pad and hit a color, sometimes it selects the color but most of the time it just draws instead of selecting. I tried holding the button on the pad or be quick (within a second) but can't seem to get a consistent behavior out of it.

I am using it on a Surface Pro 4

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