Author Topic: Congrats on all the latest developments...  (Read 249 times)


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Re: Congrats on all the latest developments...
« on: September 02, 2015, 01:59:48 pm »
Hi Michael,

Thank you! We have been working really diligently (as you know) and my excitement on what Tablet Pro can do right now is very sincere. Really am excited about it.

As far as your last tablet goes and the nib issue. I understand the frustration that comes from a product that could be great, but lacks in a few small, completely necessary areas, and therefore ultimately falls short.

When I think about there being a way to support Tablet Pro's development I have a number of questions that immediately come up. The first thing that comes up is how greatly humbled I am by your continued support. It is such an honor to have an artist of your caliber behind us and cheering us forward. I can not express how thankful I am. Secondly, this morning we were just featured on the Creative Blog website and we had about 40 new subscribers in about 4 hours. My inbox was nearly a constant stream. That has slowed since then, but it tells me that if we were to advertise in the right place with the right ad, we have something that artists want and need, but they can't find us. If you want, we can talk privately and I can see if there is a way and I can setup a place to contribute to advertising costs. I don't know yet, where that best place to advertise is yet, but I have a few places that I think could be very good, but will need to do significant research. We have a few new keywords that seem to be working well for this article to I'm looking into that more as well.

As for the new price for Tablet Pro it is currently still being discussed. I am a very transparent person, we are debating between $20 and $40. I would like to do $39.99 Takashi tends to lean towards the lower end. Both he and I want to add more value to the tool. That said, there is a number of artist's tools that save miniscule amounts of time and effort by comparison, but are astronomically more expensive. I like the idea of there really not being a barrier to entry with our software so it will likely stay pretty affordable. But I go back and forth, worth is often defined by cost, while a tool that is inexpensive may not be cheap it is often regarded as so. I think incredibly highly of Tablet Pro, not because of just my own work, but I think Takashi is phenomenal. I think we could possibly sell as a $300 tool, but I think that would cut our customer base and I'd rather help more people even if it takes a bit more work. All that said, probably at $24.99.