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Re: Touch strips or touch sliders
« on: October 26, 2017, 10:03:17 pm »
Guys, just do it how Wacom does it, using two keystrokes mapped to positive and negative axis.

Why? because it's easier for users to understand, easier to setup, and allows for more different program control schemes.
As of now, programs like krita have an awkward horizontal drag for brush size, where a vertical strip would be far more ergonomic on the hands. This is one of many instance where proper slider/strip axis mapping would make tablet pro shine more.

Keep the mouse drag sliders, add 'touch strips' so that most people will recognise the term (it's prevalent among Wacom users).

You have two keystrokes, one for the positive axis, one for the negative. The more your finger is on one side of the strip when finger movement is within an acceptable threshold, the faster that command is fired every millisecond. In the dead centre, there is no output, as it's between neutral values. Pretty simple stuff right? maybe not this simple, but the logic surely is! And any airhead can figure it out when they are mapping keys.

For instance, if you wanted great brush sizing control in photoshop, you'd have the negative axis set to '[' and the positive set to ']'.

Then if you're feeling extra brave, allow users to map X and Y axis as well so we can control size and transparency of a brush at the same time using four keystrokes.

Really simple stuff, and honestly a bit frustrating that it's not here considering tablet pro is meant to be the best available resource for this.

How about it?
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