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Re: My layout using RadialMenu
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:15:21 pm »
You are very welcome!  I do hope all those features come eventually.  I don't expect it anytime soon, but I hope you get it out because I do like how  its turning out so far. It feels more organized which I like.

There's another method to adding tactile feel that i've researched recently. SteelSeries make these onscreen Capacitive buttons you can buy for 20 dollars.  I plan on getting it to p lace it where the shift, CTRL, ALT button is.  That way, when you move your hand back, the buttons will place your fingers in the proper spot for memorization.  Just like the F and J button on the keyboard.

The vibration will be a very very appreciated feature for me.  For battery drain issue, just have an option to turn it off.  I honestly don't think the feature is built into the Surface Book regardless, but its a cool idea.   What it does have is sound when you're using the keyboard.  Which actually almost simulate that vibration for me. It lets me know im clicking.

As for your swipe idea, I kind of have an idea of what you're saying.  I think I did that on the Radial Menu.  You click the button, the slider appears under the pen and you swipe it.
It works well and its how i always worked in zbrush before to bring up draw size, focus, and Z intensity.
Sometimes i think about  how nice it would to have that slider.  THen......I was able to do that in Radial Menu which felt nice.

But other than that, I'm not entirely sure if that is exactly what you meant? If not, make a video of it ! :)
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