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Layout editor.
« on: December 10, 2015, 03:15:03 pm »
I think I read somewhere that you're already working on a new layout editor but I thought I'd put down a little wish-list or issues I'm having with the current design.

The first thing that is worth a mention, is the lack of context when creating art docks. I realise what I'm about to suggest would be a massive over-haul and I'm not expecting it in the slightest, but it would be amazingly handy if you could sort of "overlay" the layout editor on-top of whatever you already had open on your desktop. That way you can configure/create buttons and menus in exactly the correct place, ensuring that they aren't going to get in the way of existing UI in the software you're creating these menus for.

I do remember an old (at-least I think it was old) video of yours where you'd setup something for gaming? Like you had WASD over on the left and the mouse clicks on the right. So I know we can create and place buttons all over the screen, but obviously if you're doing it "blind" then it's going to take a lot of tweaking.

Seeecondly, the snapping when moving/scaling the buttons. It's a nightmare, the grid spacing seems so small that having snapping on at all is almost redundant. I'm constantly giving up trying to drag/drop and just resorting to numeric values. I wonder if you could do it in a way to that the buttons have "auto-padding" and the grid spacing is made much larger. Meaning you could just snap one button right next to another, but they wouldn't be "joined" because of the padding. Does this make sense or am I just rambling?

I suppose you could also achieve this by not allowing people to make strange sized buttons. Instead give them some grid overlay where the smallest can be something like 25*25, so all buttons created have to conform to that grid. You could still obviously have big chunky buttons or really thin/tall/wide/whatever ones, but they would always follow the grid. (like placing items in most games that have inventory systems with slots!)

I won't ramble on any more, I look forward to any updates, and good luck with it all.

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