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I picked up a convertible notebook and have been searching for the perfect touchscreen gaming program. I saw offerings from gestureworks and virtual gamepad, however, both of those have been unsupported for a while. When I found Tablet Pro, I thought that I found the perfect program. It's a good program, but I think there are are a few things that can take it to the next level.

I would love to see a way to completely edit the layout for the gamepad, and the ability to combine elements from the keyboard and mouse layouts with it. For instance:

My favorite game right now is Xcom 2 on the PC. While it's playable using the fullscreen touchpad mode, I thought it would be better to run it in the gamepad mode. Unfortunately the game does not have gamepad support. I can remap the gamepad inputs to keyboard strokes, but there are shortcomings to this:

1) You only have access to one control stick. This makes it hard to play the game, as I can map the joystick to the camera controls, but I would not have control over the cursor to move my units. If I could combine the full screen touchpad mode with the gamepad stick, I'd be able to move the camera around with my left thumb while moving the mouse cursor around with my right thumb.

2) By limiting the amount of gamepad button inputs to those that are available to a real gamepad, I am limited in the number of inputs I can make. With the afformentioned Xcom 2, there are many keyboard keys that are in use, however, I'd only have access to a handful in the gamepad mode. If I were able to create custom buttons or keys, and place them in the screen in any layout I want, I can custom tailor each gamepad profile to the specific game I'm playing.

I know this sounds a bit difficult, but if you've ever used the "Gamepad" mode for the pc-to-tablet streaming application, "Splashtop 2", you'd be able to understand exactly what I mean. You can get a better idea of what I'm saying by looking at this image:

- The transparent stick on the left is mappable to keyboard strokes, which makes it easy to customize. Also, the stick is by itself, instead of surrounded by small buttons. This makes it easier to accurately use the stick without having to look at it before using it.
- The transparent buttons on the right are all customizeable keystrokes. While you can't change the size of the buttons, you can place them anywhere on the screen you'd like. They are independent of each other, and if you so wish, you can even overlap the buttons.
- Any part of the screen that is not a button controls the screen like a trackpad. This means that the player can move his character with the joystick and use his right thumb and control the camera (which is mapped to mouse movement). Also, taps on the screen that aren't on a button register as a left click. So if his attack button is mapped to the left mouse click, he can click anywhere on the screen and attack and create buttons for other functions.

I hope this is easy to understand. It would be wonderful if you could implement these functions. I really think Tablet Pro is a wonderful piece of software, but these extra touches and customizations can really make it THE go-to for touchscreen gaming controls. Thank you!

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Hi Okta614

I apologize for the late reply.

I completely understand what you mean and how your wanting the gaming experience to work. I've got a good amount of experience with splashtop and this registers with me.

I'll be frequenting this post when we get a chance to focus on the game pad again. I'd like for it to be the best of the best and think these implemented features would get us there. So that you can appropriately plan, the game pad updates have to be scheduled after a few higher priority fixes (I'm a gamer so not thrilled but understand the reasons).

I'll be very excited personally when we are able to implement some of your suggestions. =)

I really appreciate you taking the time to give you feedback too, its really useful, really good feedback.