Author Topic: [Suggestion] Add a Section in Settings Panel for "Off Mode" Gestures, Like TouchMe Gesture Studio  (Read 177 times)


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Hi Justice,

As a former TouchMe Gesture Studio user, I really liked the fact that I didn't need to remember to turn on/off any particular switches to perform gesture tasks that didn't require the precision of a mouse. Like the following
  • Two finger swipe-up brings up Touch Keyboard
  • Three finger rotation clockwise/counter-clockwise controls brightness
  • Three finger swipe left/right over ANY window, grabs that window and allows me to move it as I want
  • Three finger swipe up runs a hotkey command for auto-sizing my application windows using a program called "Autosizer"

In the case of Tablet Pro, I would use it for somewhat similar gestures, but it could also serve as having the quick panel toggles ANYWHERE onscreen instead of just being restricted to one area. I could assign:
  • Four finger swipe left in this "Off Mode" to be a toggle for the Side (Right) mode
  • Four finger swipe right to be a toggle for the Artist pad
  • Four finger pinch-out to be a toggle for the Fullscreen mode
  • Four finger swipe up to be a toggle for the gamepad mode
  • etc.

Alternatively, if Tablet Pro had the option to activate it's modes via hotkeys, I could assign them to a Gesture in TouchMe Gesture Studio. However, the problem arises in avoiding interference between the two awesome applications. I think Tablet Pro having it's very own "Off Mode" gestures would be more efficient.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for making Tablet Pro truly awesome.
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