Author Topic: Pen motion not recognised on Surface Pro 3  (Read 1498 times)


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Re: Pen motion not recognised on Surface Pro 3
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2016, 02:51:51 am »
okay, had a bit more of a play with a few settings. I tried switching the Pen's left/right hand option back to 'right' and now there's some change, but pressing and holding on the Tablet Pro button locks the movement of the cursor until the Tablet Pro button is released. If I press and hold the button and then tap with the pen on the screen at a point different to the original position when i pressed the Tablet Pro button then it will 'jump' to the rotation of the camera that would have happened if it had been moving with the cursor. But at this point it appears that pressing the button locks the cursor from moving until the screen is tapped with the pen, then the cursor is free because the Middle click is no longer on due to the pen tap. This is only for the 'Middle' button, it still doesn't work at all for the Shift + Middle or Shift + Ctrl + Middle button. All this still works when i move the mouse instead of the pen.
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