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« on: January 18, 2016, 01:16:19 pm »
Ok guys, I believe I made an important discovery.
There has been a lot of confusion in this forum about setting the palm rejection either to left or right, like that miracously solved all problems.
So, I had "left" set (as suggested by the authors), which allows standard keys like "space" to be pressed together with the pen.
This adds a problem though: it is not possible to press more than one key at a time. Also, even if it is difficult to notice, there is some lag when pressing keys this way, that may make void further tries to press buttons.

The "right" hand setting instead, introduces another problem, where pressing a button like "space" and then the pen, first releases the button (space in this example).

In other words, none of the two methods really work as they should, and I personally don't like to use hacks. I hope that this will help fixing the issue, in every case, for both "left" and "right" hand configurations.