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« on: January 07, 2016, 12:26:09 am »
Well I just realized I was an idiot.
Earlier the  CTRL/ALt combo didnt work anymore, it started doing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT again.  Then I clicked on the F (frame) button right next to it and it was also CTRL+ALT+SHIFT.  It drove me nuttttts.  Then I noticed it was on the same horizontal row and tried different buttons on that same row and it was doing the same thing.  I decided to turn off Radial Menu and it fixed the problem....  Eventhough I had radial menu minimized when I was working with TabletPro, it was selecting unwanted buttons on certain rows.  So my problem was having 2 touch programs up at the same time.

Tomorrow I want to play with swiping to see how I can change profiles, that way I can make another set of buttons dedicated to my other softwares.  I use them all differently.