Author Topic: Is tabletPro still in development? the devs do not seem to care about this forum  (Read 272 times)


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How do i get a refund for the artistPad i bought yesterday? because it is too buggy for actually using it, the buttons choke all the time. I just bought the programm because in the list (where it compares all the features) it stated that the artistPad would allow for rapid button use (which i suspected to be the culprit why it chokes all the time) but buying it did not help. I can't recommend a product that is that kind of buggy, it is horribly frustrating, tho without those bugs it would be really a nice tool.
It is not a hardware/ system problem as most other buttons (with the same mechanic) still work. for example that "alt" button i created stops working after a while while the alt+shift button and others still work. so i can't imagine it is a bug outside of the program itself. i need to toggle the artistPad then on/off to make it work again or 
otherwise to make it work again i can hit buttons wildly and maybe lift the pen from the screen ( but not really with a specific strategy) and it would work for some clicks again. But all in all it really looks like a bug in tabletPro itself as most other buttons still work, and if it would be an external problem i would think that none of the buttons (that use the same mechanic) should work.

Anyway this forum has no comments from the devs for month now (as far as i saw), which looks like the product is discontinued.

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